We can work with you to create a custom finish for your parts!  Oftentimes, multiple services are utilized on the same part to achieve the desired result.

Type II (Decorative) Anodizing

Finishing Lab offers Type II (Decorative) sulfuric anodizing from our Bozeman, MT location.  Type II anodic finishing alters the surface texture of the aluminum alloy and, when sealed, provides corrosion resistance against harsh elements.  In addition to protecting the aluminum, a wide variety of color dyes can be applied resulting in numerous color applications.  While typically applied to 6061 aluminum, other aluminum alloys can be anodized.

Laser Engraving

Part marking and logo etching

Chemical Conversion Coat (Chem Film)

Finishing Lab offers Type 2 (RoHS Compliant) Chem Film in both Class 1A and Class 3.  Chem Film, also known as Chromate Conversion, Chemical Conversion, Iridite or Alodine, protects exposed aluminum from corrosion and provides electrical conductivity.  Oftentimes used with Type II Anodizing, Chem Film can be applied by brush or full dipping for a variety of industries.

Tumbling / Beadblasting

Prior to anodizing, we are able to alter the surface finish of your parts to break sharp edges and give a dull, non-reflective look.


Passivation is a non-electrolytic finishing process that makes stainless steel more rust-resistant. Our passivation process uses citric acid to remove free iron from the surface. This results in an inert, protective oxide layer that is less likely to chemically react with air and cause rusting corrosion.


Need a shiny, mirror-like finish?  We can do that too!